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THE JASLING is an easy-to-wear accessory leaving you hands-free through all of life's adventures.

  • Holds Lightweight Jackets, Heavy Coats, Yoga Mats, Picnic Blankets, Towels...

  • Adjustable Straps

  • Rolls-Up Compactly into Reusable Cotton Pouch

  • Made of Durable Nylon Webbing & Custom Metal Hardware

  • Manufactured in the USA

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Life is worth embracing fully without the burden of carrying your coat. Jasling so you can...

Carry your Bags
Push and Pull
Embrace your Kid
Cheer and Clap
Avoid Overheating

Shop until you Drop
Finally have Three Arms
Walk with a Coffee *and a Donut
Hold Hands

Run to Gate to Catch Your Flight
Be Open for Hands-Free Living